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Installing the rake kit

“Get Raked” Neck Kit Directions

1.) Remove everything around factory neck (fairing, front end, gas tank, wiring, etc). See picture A.

2.) Bolt template to one side of factory neck and mark a line where to cut, then move template to the other side and mark it. See picture B.

3.) Cut along marked line on both sides, then cut across frame to connect side cuts. See pictures C & D.

4.) Use a straight edge to make sure nothing is above the top of the backbone (if there is anything above the backbone, grind it down). Also, check the sides for any welds or imperfections that may need to be ground smooth. See picture E.

5.) Slide new “Get Raked” neck over frame and check the fit. See picture F. Grind to achieve correct fit.

6.) Clamp “Get Raked” neck to frame to ensure it is square to the frame. See picture G.

7.) Check to make sure your VIN # is visible (some VIN #s are stamped crooked). See picture H. Grind so you can see the VIN #, if need be.

8.) Weld all the way around the “Get Raked” neck.

9.) Paint and install neck races.

10.) When you install the front end, check for clearance around the key housing. See picture I. Grind for clearance.

11.) Slide fork stop rubbers up until they hit the frame correctly. See picture J. You may need to add a piece of rubber to the stop, in order to prevent the bars or cables from hitting the tank.

Thank you for purchasing our “Get Raked” neck kit. If you have any questions with installation, please contact us at 513-353-9957.